RHS Rapid Housing Systems

The high mobile Infrastructure
2 in 1

2 in 1
entladen Innenansicht

The RHS housing system may be deployed as often as needed without preceding infrastructural preparations. That is why it operates with outstanding cost efficiency and minimum manpower requirements.

RHS has developed a unique modular system providing optimum mobility with the following features:

  • Fully equipped interior function containers
  • 20´x 8´x 9.0” exterior special containers as insulated transport units with integrated air-conditioning system and lighting ready to be used subsequently as accommodation facilities etc.
  • No site preparation needed. Any terrain unevenness up to 1.000 mm is leveled out
  • Neither cranes for container lifting and placing nor site preparation equipment like graders required
  • Very fast setup/removal; 20 units in approx. 2–3 hrs
  • Floor space per transport unit about 25 m2
  • 1 20´ transport container = 2 room units = approx. 50 per cent reduction in transport volume
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Deployable any number of times
  • Suitable for extreme climatic zones

Depending on the situation, the containers incl. function containers can be deployed by

  • road/rail/air and, in the case of destroyed roads and bridges
  • by helicopter (gross weight < 3.000 kg)


Possible applications

Advance parties – Small camps – Natural and environmental disasters (particularly earthquakes)
Hospitals – Command posts – Headquarters buildings – etc.



Transport and siting vehicle


  • Hydrostatic “2 x 4” and “4 x 4” drive with selectable locking differentials
  • All-wheel steering for optimum maneuverability
  • Three-dimensional leveling
  • Excellent cross-country mobility
  • Bus system
  • Speed = 6 km/h


Truck loading and unloading station

Ladestation Ladestation

Ent- und Beladezeit 3 – 5 Minuten


Airlift by helicopter

It is the carrier that enables for the first time the configuration of lightweight container buildings miles out. A helicopter places a lightweight container on the carrier

Lufttransport Carriertransport


Adaptive armor

Adaptive armor plates are mounted either by the on-board crane

Ladekran Adaptiver Schutz


For more Information ask for PPP + Videos:
info (at) rapid-housing.com